Loss of a Friend

Just recently, we were saddened by the loss of a friend to many, G. Jeffrey Haber of Schodack. If you knew Jeff, our condolences. If you did not know Jeff, you probably would also not know that Jeff played a major role in shaping our region and the face of local of government.

For years, Jeff was director of the New York State Association of Towns, helping represent the interests and issues of the local elected officials who are closest to the people. Jeff believes that grassroots government is the best form of government, as residents can easily engage their elected officials and get an answer or get results.

If you are able to pick up a phone and get a local elected official on the line, or send an email and get a response from a supervisor or highway superintendent, Jeff Haber helped make that fast and effective response possible. Jeff learned about the ability of local government to shape lives while serving as Schodack supervisor and Town Board member in the 1970s and 1980s.

Jeff also played a role in shaping economic development policy in our region. For years, he was a member of the Rensselaer County Water and Sewer Authority, helping extend water and sewer infrastructure that help create jobs and protect quality of life. Jeff was also a stalwart on the Schodack Planning Board. He was also active in the Schodack Republican Committee and a quiet, guiding force for many of us now serving in local elected office. Jeff could always be counted on for advice and guidance when it was needed. 

Jeff had many, many friends from all walks of life and political parties and leaves behind a legacy of service and contribution to community. His passing leaves a void, and a reminder as to the power of one life. 

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