Honoring Our Veterans – Jay Arnold of Hoosick Falls

Rensselaer County has resolved to never forget the service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families. Each month, veterans and residents join with members of the Rensselaer County Legislature and other elected officials to recognize the life and service of a deceased veteran. Monday, August 12, we will recognize the life and service of Jay Arnold, a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars during two decades of service with the U.S. Air Force. Jay worked as a member of the crews that kept fighters and bombers armed and fueled, and ready to defend our nation. Jay also was posted at air bases in Europe during the Cold War.

Jay was a true patriot, seeking to join Air Force auxiliary units at the young age of 14 and later, serving with the Reserves after his twenty years of active duty ended. Sadly, Jay passed away in 1991 after raising a family who are respected members of the community.

Jay’s ceremony will be presided over by Vice Chairman of the Legislature Stan Brownell, and include members of the Arnold family and other elected officials. Legislator Thomas Walsh Sr. has played a major role in recognizing the service of our veterans, leading efforts to establish the Hall of Heroes in the lobby of the County Office Building. The Hall of Heroes includes displays recognizing hometown Medal of Honor recipients Lt. Col. William O’Brien, Sgt. Thomas Baker and Spc. Peter Guenette. The names of veterans like Jay Arnold recognized at the monthly ceremonies are also included in the Hall of Heroes. The Hall of Heroes and the monthly Honor a Deceased Veteran ceremonies show Rensselaer County will also remember, and appreciate, the service of our veterans and their families.

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