Unhappy With Proposed Plea Deal

This week, I joined with Vice Chairman of the Legislature Stan Brownell and Majority Leader Ken Herrington to protest the proposed plea deal offered to a woman accused of stealing over $200,000 while working as an employee of the county Health Department. The proposed sentence would call for the woman to accept five years probation, only $5,000 in restitution and no jail time. We believe the sentence proposed by the District Attorney is not adequate and should be revisited. Resident appear to agree, and we have received many calls and comments regarding the issue. Some residents have pointed out much stiffer sentences being handed down for smaller amount of theft. As legislators, we believe in fairness in our justice system, and will continue to oppose what we view as a weak and inadequate proposed resolution for this case. The theft of over $200,000 is a very serious incident and breach of the public trust, which cannot be taken lightly. Additionally, the sentence should serve as a deterrent and an example of how sacred the public’s trust is.

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2 Responses to Unhappy With Proposed Plea Deal

  1. commonsence says:

    What has the Legislature done to see that this can’t happen again? This person didn’t steal this money overnight, it was accomplished over a long period of time. It is apparent to anyone with half a brain that there was poor oversight. Several budgets were approved during this period, where was Legislature’s Budget Committee? Is the supervisor of the thief still working for the County? If so, why. Martin, ultimately you are in charge, the proverbial buck stops with you! Stop leading by press release, make believe this was your money, or cash from the till at Herrington Farms. Yes, see to appropriate punishment for the crime & then see to the necessary corrective personnel issues with your employees.

  2. rensscoblogs says:

    Thanks commonsence. The department where the theft occurred is not under supervision by the Legislature. We have supported stronger checks and balances to ensure no future thefts occur, along with expanded tip lines for employees to report theft. At the same time, we believe a fair sentence will help ensure such types of theft do not occur in the future; the theft as recommended calls for a minimal portion of the money stolen from county taxpayters to be repaid, which is unfair.

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