Progress on Columbia Turnpike

We have received several calls from residents regarding work on Columbia Turnpike, also known as Routes 9 & 20 in East Greenbush leading into Rensselaer. The work is part of one of the most important economic development projects in the county in years.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical research companies in the United States. The company is located at the University at Albany’s East campus, in an area many longtime locals would remember as the site for the Sterling Winthrop company. Regeneron has been successful enough to expand the company’s presence here in Rensselaer County and members of the County Legislature and other county officials are thrilled with the news.

The expansion was almost derailed. Regeneron initially sought to connect the expansion project with the host community of East Greenbush’s sewer system. Unfortunately, East Greenbush is dealing with a consent order from the state limiting the town from taking on additional capacity. The county sewer district, which oversees the County Legislature, stepped in an provided an extension from Regeneron to the county’s pump station on Riverside Avenue in Rensselaer.

The work and the pipes and other materials seen on Columbia Turnpike are part of that extension project, and we are looking forward to the final stages and upcoming completion of the project. The project represents cooperation between state, county, local and business sectors, and shows Rensselaer County is committed to working together to move key economic development projects forward.

The Regeneron expansion will create 300 new jobs. We hope the expansion, and the sewer extension, result in additional job creation projects in the county in the near future. We will keep you updated as the project continues to completion.

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