Season of Change

The December 17 special meeting was an opportunity for the County Legislature to consider some fiscal issues to close out the 2013 fiscal year. The meeting was also the last one of the year, and the last one of the legislative term of office from 2010 to 2013. Three legislators, including Richard Salisbury, Michael Cristo and Kathleen Cassidy, ended their service to the county, and legislators took the time to thank them for their service and efforts on behalf of the county.

Legislators voted to adopt three separate resolutions commending Rich, Michael and Kathleen for their service. All three had declined to seek re-election during the 2013 elections, following election to the legislative body in 2009. Due to a previous commitment, Rich was not able to attend the December 17 meeting. A Schaghticoke resident, Rich had served three terms with the Legislature and was known for his fiscally conservative positions. He also served as Schaghticoke town supervisor.

Both Michael and Kathleen addressed members of the legislative body. Kathleen spoke of the need to seek bi-partisan solutions and compromise when possible. She currently works in the administration of Troy Mayor Louis Rosamilia, who left the Legislature, along with Peter Ryan, who is now Deputy Mayor, following election as mayor in 2011.

Michael was elected to the Legislature after serving as a member of the East Greenbush Town Board. He spoke of the important work done by the Legislature, and said he had been honored to serve as a legislator and representative of his neighbors. Michael was one of those who supported legislation that allowed for the expansion of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in his hometown of East Greenbush, helping create 300 new jobs and hopefully spurring future job expansion at the facility.

Legislators will gather to begin the new term of office on January 2, 2014 at 6 p.m. for the organizational meeting. At that meeting, we will welcome three new legislators, including Todd Tesman, who will succeed Richard Salisbury; Rob Bayly, who will replace Michael Cristo; and Leonard Welcome, who will replace Kathleen Cassidy. Todd is a Pittstown resident and small business owner who operates Tesman’s Garage in Spiegletown. Rob has served on the Poestenkill Town Board and helps operate his family’s company, Kingsley Arms, which provides construction and maintenance services in upstate New York. Len has long been active in community organizations in Troy and his wife Laurel formerly served as a member of the Troy City Council.

We look forward to a productive term of office, and as we thank Rich, Michael and Kathleen for their service, welcome Todd, Rob and Len to the County Legislature.


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