Power and Property

Some of the most historic and agriculturally significant properties in the region are located along the Hudson River. There are numerous residences and farms along the river that can be traced back to before the founding of this country, and share in some impressive views of one of the most important rivers in the world.

A number of property owners in the hamlet of Schodack Landing in the Town of Schodack are concerned about a plan to expand power lines between Utica and New York City. The expanded lines cross the Hudson into Rensselaer County and will run on existing lines through a number of Schodack Landing properties, including farms. Property owners are concerned because the expanded lines will widen existing rights of way substantially.

Some of these Schodack Landing properties are two centuries old, and some are farms that have been continuously farmed since Dutch settlers arrived about three hundred years ago in the country. Properties owners are asking the state, and the state Public Service Commission, which is helping oversee the project, to develop alternatives to a significant widening of rights of way. Some of these alternatives include the burying of the power lines.

The power line expansion project has caused significant concern in Columbia and Dutchess counties, located to the south of our county on the east side of the Hudson River. Property owners in all three counties have noted that the apparent absence of any benefit for property owners in areas affected by the project. Electrical rates are not expected to decrease in the three counties, for example.

Columbia and Dutchess county lawmakers have adopted resolutions stating concern over the project and earlier this month, Rensselaer County legislators unanimously asked the state to reconsider the project and work to prevent unnecessary damage to these important properties. We hope that after three neighboring counties, and many property owners, have asked the state to reconsider the project that appropriate action will be taken by the state.

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