Results for Rough Roads

This long, cold winter has been especially rough on roads throughout upstate New York. Add some funding constraints in recent fiscal years and you have a recipe for potholes, cracks and crevices on state roads in the region.

Rensselaer County is no exception. State Route 22 through eastern Rensselaer County has fallen into disrepair in many sections, leading to many complaints from residents and business owners. Sections of Route 20 in southern Rensselaer County are also in tough shape, also leading to calls from motorists.

The roads became so rough the County Legislature adopted a resolution last year seeking attention from the state for the state highways. The resolution was sent to state representatives and the state Department of Transportation.

During the last week, Rensselaer County residents and motorists got some good news, with the state announcing two projects to improve State Route 22 and State Route 20.

The Route 22 improvement project will be done in two stages. The first stage starts this year, and will repair and improve areas of State Route 22 from New Lebanon to Cherry Plain. In 2015, sections of Route 22 from Cherry Plain to Petersburgh are set to be improved.

The Route 20 improvement project will repair sections of the road in East Greenbush and Schodack. It is expected work will begin in 2014 and run from the intersection of State Route 4 with State Routes 9 & 20 in East Greenbush to the Routes 9 & 20 split in Schodack, and then proceed on Route 9 to the Columbia County border.

We appreciate the attention by the state Department of Transportation and know motorists, residents and businesses will also appreciate the much-needed repairs and improvements.


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