A Thank You to Dave Hawley

Rensselaer County has been proud to sponsor the county branch of Cornell Cooperative Extension. The Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County has been a force for good in the county, supporting agricultural and farming efforts, providing education on nutrition and health, and organizing programs like 4-H.

Over the past three decades, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County has been led by David Hawley, a soft-spoken Troy resident who has kept Extension focused during some challenging times. Dave has worked tirelessly to ensure adequate funding for Extension, fostered a strong partnership with the county and the community, and maintained traditional programs while introducing new initiatives.

The vibrancy and effectiveness of Extension in the county can be largely credited to Dave’s work and leadership. Sadly, Dave is leaving the organization he has led since 1995 for a new opportunity in New York State.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, including several important missions and engagements, and active in the Naval Reserves, Dave will be taking an important position in the state Division of Military and Naval Affairs. We can hope Dave brings the same focus and effectiveness to his state position as he did during his nearly twenty years of service with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County.

During his service with Extension, Dave supported efforts to recognize the enormous service and contribution of our veterans and their families. He also helped design the Meritorious Valor Pin presented to residents who have saved a life. At the March 11 legislative meeting, it was Dave’s turn to be recognized, with legislators unanimously adopting a resolution recognizing and thanking Dave for his service.

Our thanks and best wishes to David Hawley.

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