Continuing to Ensure Educational Excellence at Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Community College has rightly earned a reputation as one of the best two-year and community colleges in the Northeast, if not the entire country. Hudson Valley has become known for the wide array of curriculum and training opportunities available to students from diverse backgrounds. Thousands of Rensselaer County residents have taken advantage of the opportunity afford at HVCC, and many today occupy prominent positions in business and civic affairs.

Rensselaer County has been proud to serve as a sponsor for the college. As sponsor, the county helps with overall management of the college and provides an annual sponsorship contribution.

In recent years, the county and college have had several discussions regarding overall state and county funding at the college, enrollment levels, economic conditions and others issues. Those discussions led to an increase in the county sponsor contribution that will help the college avoid a tuition increase.

The increased support from the county was included in the 2014-2015 college budget approved unanimously by county lawmakers at the July 8 legislative meeting. Legislators were thanked by Hudson Valley President Dr. Andrew Matonak at the meeting for the increased support, and decades of sponsorship for the college.

Legislators, county officials and the college all believe that during these challenging economic times, ensuring tuition remains affordable should be a priority. Along with the many young adults who will enrolling in Hudson Valley, there are also a number of adults looking to recharge their careers during a stagnant economy. Hudson Valley will remain an outstanding educational resource for those students.




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