More Than a Picnic

The annual ROUSE (Rensselaer Organizations United for Senior Endeavors) picnic is a great event, bringing together seniors from across the county with elected representatives from the county, state, federal and local levels and staffers from various county departments.

The picnic offers a delicious chicken barbecue, information displays and information on senior issues and entertainment. Grafton Lakes State Park, where the picnic is held, is a beautiful setting as summer kicks into high gear. This year’s picnic on July 31 drew hundreds of seniors, including many who are regular participants at the several senior centers operated by the county.

I was happy to be among those attending, and enjoyed serving lunch and refreshments to the seniors. The picnic gives seniors a chance to talk about issues of interest and concern and to get updates from those who represent them in elected office. Talking with seniors about their feelings on the economy, health care, senior services and public safety was very beneficial.

Seniors were very complimentary and supportive of the great work done by the staff at our county Department for the Aging and the county senior centers. Our senior center staff and Department for the Aging staff have done a great job during a period of fiscal constraint.

Those who are now seniors helped build communities and families, defended our freedom and safeguarded our quality of life. Our seniors deserve the best care and attention possible, and the ROUSE picnic is a reminder of the need and importance for quality senior services. Thanks to all involved in staging another successful ROUSE picnic and for all they do for our deserving seniors.

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